"Per chi state creando un tempio o una chiesa o una moschea? Se volete pregare potete farlo ovunque. Dovunque vi inchiniate, vi inchinate a Dio, perchè non esiste nient'altro."  Osho

Osho is a mystic and a master of life, many considered one of the men who have "done" the twentieth century. His "International Meditation Resort (IMC osho) in Pune (India) is world-renowned as the most eclectic and comprehensive meditation center.

An entire multilingual site was devoted to its work: www.osho.comosho where is possible to deepen any topic concerning Osho, his teaching, the meditations he created, the Meditation of Pune, and the meditation centers in the world.

You can hear his voice: about buddhism, about sufism, about tantra, about tao.