"La meditazione è l'unico tempio in cui, quando entri, sei davvero all'interno di un tempio." Osho

Meditazioni: Dinamica, kundalini, No-dimension e Nataraj.

Osho has devised dozens of meditation techniques particularly suitable for contemporary man (especially active meditation techniques): the Dynamic meditation, the Kundalini meditation, the No-dimension meditation and the Nataraj meditation.

It has also brought life back to hundreds of techniques inspired by Masters of the most diverse traditions, from Sufism to Buddhism, from Zen to Tantric Tradition.

Every day in our center you can attend some Osho meditations:

- 7.00 AM Dynamic meditation
- 9.30 AM Nataraj meditation
- 16.30 PM Kundalini meditation

In the menu pages on the right are the most popular meditation techniques. These are practices that have been experimented on a daily basis by many millions of people - not just Osho's disciples - around the world.

If you want to try it after reading, we'll be waiting for you in our Center!

Note: if you want to know the Osho meditation centers closest to where you live: Osho meditation Center in Italy.