Activities of Samadhi

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The Samadhi is an open space for anyone who wants to approach the path of individual knowledge through meditation. Its beautiful location, immersed in nature and a few miles from Catania, also creates the ideal conditions for residential groups.

Samadhi employs leading experts in various ancient techniques contemplated in mystical traditions, as well as in more scientific and modern methods developed with particular attention to contemporary man, his difficulty in relaxing and diving in silence.

Below are some of the activities and techniques - not in the order of importance - that you can experience at our Center.

- Intensive Meditation:one Sunday to month from 9am to 7pm


- Individual Growth Paths through Meditation


- Courses for OSHO's Active Meditators Facilitator


- Reiki: Activation 1st 2nd 3rd level - Master


- Karuna Reiki: 1st 2nd level - Master


- Individual and Group Sessions


- Ayurvedica courses

- Yoga and Meditations courses

- Massage Techniques and Body Relaxation